One stop solution for all agile teams

Simple and easy way to manage with sprints. From sprint planning, tracking the user stories, impediments, standup meeting automations, release, retrospect and reporting.

Create and track your sprints

Manage all your epics, user stories, priorities and tasks, in a single board. Smarter collaboration with simple tool for your team to prioritize things together.

Stay focused on your sprints

Clear visibility on status on each sprint, what you have done, what is going to happen next day, are there any bottle necks in sprint. Agilean will help with smooth execution.

Scrum Boards:

See at a glimpse where you stand, what are the tasks in pipe line. Select the sprint you want to view.

Release of Sprints:

A new way to manage your sprints. Release the sprint with confidence. No task is missing from sprint.

New way to scribble meeting minutes.

Scrum standup meetings made easy with agilean. You can schedule a meeting with high definition video and simultaneously able to convert your run time discussions in the form audio to meeting minutes.