Define ,Plan & Visualize

  • SCRUM and KANBAN board for Visual and clear overview of your tasks
  • Single dashboard for all projects
  • Drag and drop tasks between columns easily
  • Limit your work in progress to be more efficient
  • Horizontal Swimlanes
  • Import Boards
  • Tasks, subtasks, attachments and comments
  • Automated Actions

Plan & Structure Your Work

  • EPICs, User Stories and backlog management
  • Sprint Plan
  • Sprint backlog Visibility
  • Scrum board for each sprint
  • Create, Edit and Move Card
  • Burn-down charts for each sprint
  • KANBAN-Boards & Gantt Charts
  • Bird eys view on complete project

Analyze & Report On Your Data

  • Burndown charts
  • Lead and Cycle Time
  • Task Distribution
  • User repartition¬†
  • Cumulative Flow and Burn-Up
  • Compare Estimated Vs Actual time
  • Average time spent in each column
  • Risk rating charts


  • Identify Impediments
  • Identify the response strategy & Response plan
  • Perform the average risk of the project
  • Share Response plan & strategy
  • Impediments to each release & Sprint
  • Monitor, control and close the Impediments
  • Risk scattered charts
  • sprint to work directly on risk mitigation.

Standup Meetings

  • Scheduled meetings with ROBO
  • Project wised meeting
  • Set agendas and simplify meeting minutes
  • Automated voice to text conversion
  • Classified meeting minutes as ACTION POINTS, DECISION and KEYNOTES
  • Automated follow up on all action points
  • Real-time collaboration
  • instantly share all your meeting minutes the second

Release Plan

  • Release plan for each sprint
  • Associate all the sprint/tasks to each release
  • Release Road Map of product with Gantt Chart
  • Move the task/sprint to another release(if not done)
  • Clear visibility of task status in release
  • Release note for clear differentiation
  • Direct connection between sprint plan and release plan
  • Track, Monitor and Release


  • Schedule retrospective is a meeting
  • Perform the Retrospective Analysis of sprint/release
  • Identify Process Improvement Areas
  • What worked well for us?
  • What did not work well for us?
  • What actions can we take to improve our process going forward?
  • Assign actions from retrospective analysis
  • Do the continuous improvements

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