Agilean has won the awards "Rising Star Award for 2017" and the prestigious "Great User Experience Award" By FinancesOnline.

Agilean has won the awards "Rising Star Award for 2017" and the prestigious "Great User Experience Award" By FinancesOnline.   FinancesOnline, a popular review platform for software and B2B services, recently published a detailed review of of Agilean Solutions in which they praised our Agilean tools as genuinely meets users expectations.   FinancesOnline team of experts distinguished Agilean  as one of the best choice for small and medium IT enterprise and  top performers in their survey software category. They praised Agilean as best tool for total transparency on all your projects across the work and organization and it delivers the most accurate and updated information about all your projects.   Today, we are happy to announce that Agilean has become winner of the following awards given out by the Finances Online experts:   Rising Star 2017 and The Great User Experience.   In evaluating Agilean for the Rising Star 2017 and The Great User Experience Expert’s Choice Award, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared Agilean against its competitors in various scenarios.   Some of the specific criteria that their review team took into account:   Agilean is a voice powered automated work-flow project management using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Process:  AI Assistant can learn about the overall project(past and present performance ) and can give recommendations and predict the future performance. Example: as a project progress, AI Assist can generate a patterns and can calculate cost performance  and forecast the success rate of the project based on certain parameter and procedural rules. AI assistant learns about the overall schedule and scope of the project , ensuring all the schedules are met and keep alerting all stakeholders about their task dead line and do the necessary escalation to the next level management.   Agilean is highly advanced automated work-flow project management system: Once you select the workflow template based on type of your project, All your funnels(or process flow) will be created automatically, where tasks or activity, are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. Standup meetings feature: where all your run time discussions in the form of audio will be converted into systematic text(like key points, discussion and action points)  and then mp3 and all your meeting minutes on your phone immediately after the meeting. Impediments and Release RoadMap: Agilean will identify the Impediments with ranking in each sprint and release and make appropriate response plan and track with risk burndown charts.  Once release is done, agilean will perform the retrospective analysis  and get the feedback from end user and validate the learning and the decide pivot or persevere.   Overall best suited tool for small and medium IT enterprise for their project management.   We would like to express our most sincere appreciation and thanks to Finances Online for recognizing our hard work.   Please refer the review link and share your valuable feedback:   Link: